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Utter Associates is a Broadcast and AV System Integration company specializing in facility design, installation, and project management. We are an engineering and design focused firm committed to solving problems through design excellence and value. 

As a boutique system integrator, we are able to provide a high level of personal attention to your projects. What really sets us apart is our commitment to your project beyond integration - allowing the flexibility of changes and updates as you enter into production.

We value end-user feedback, and believe projects are stronger when based around an inclusive design team.   Our experience grants us the ability to see the "big picture" and have that knowledge inform and enhance the details of design and equipment selection.

Project management anticipates challenges and has solutions ready to protect the project. Managing a wide variety of projects provides us with an understanding of realistic budget constraints and allows us to offer creative solutions to difficult problems. We take pride in our ability to design facilities that exceed client expectations in function, ergonomics, and attention to industry standards and trends. 

Utter Associates takes KEXP to a new level with upgrades to their video production facilities.


KEXP, which got it's start as KCMU at the University of Washington, entered into a ten year partnership with Paul Allen's Experience Music Project in 2001. They have since evolved into one of the most influential listener supported radio stations in the world.

In 2015 the station was planning a move to a spacious 27,000 sq. ft  location in the heart of the historic Seattle Center and turned to Utter Associates provided design consultation for the technical requirements of the facility which would feature a state-of-the-art live performance studio, a public performance space, DJ booths, audio production suites, video editing suites, a central machine room and a video control room for live productions. 

Utter Associates recently completed the second phase of the project which focused on integration of two audio production suites and upgrading the video technology for the studio and public performance space.  The updated design for the video control room and performance spaces resulted in significant improvements in workflow for the video crew.  New technology includes hybrid routing to connect all spaces, 24p production switching and graphics, plus wireless production communications.

KEXP currently streams live events to facebook and has over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, where they host recordings of live studio performances. 


The City of Woodinville selected Utter Associates to deliver improved workflows and upgrade video production and display.


Utter Associates provided System Design and Integration for the City of Woodinville council chambers audio/visual and broadcast production system upgrade. 

Improving workflow and reliability for the broadcast production crew as well as simplifying the user experience for the AV system in the council chambers, a space that is reconfigured for meetings of various groups, drove the design process.   After meeting with all stakeholders to understand the needs of those who use the space, and those who produce the broadcast for the city’s television channel,  UA  was able to design an integrated broadcast/AV system that worked with the current budget and allowed for “bolt-on” future automation upgrades.

The AV system that UA designed featured the Shure Discussion System, with wired microphones at the dais, and wireless gooseneck mics at the staff tables.  Additional wireless handheld and boundary mics were added to eliminate unsightly wiring when the room was configured for various uses. The room upgrade also featured four Panasonic HD PTZ cameras, and a 4k laser projector.   

A Crestron control system was designed for “one-button” room set-up to simplify use of the system by non-technical users via a 7” touch screen in the room.  A secondary panel in the production control room allows technical users to have more detailed control of the AV system. 

In order to address sound reinforcement issues UA increased the number of PA speakers in the room from two to eight, and installed flush mounted speakers at staff positions.  The Shure system features integrated speakers in the microphone for council members.

The broadcast design featured a Ross Carbonite switcher and  Xpression graphics system.  This hardware switcher  is preferred over PC based switchers for reliability, ease of use and long life cycle.  We eliminated the worry of computer crashes, and updates, and incompatibilities inherent with PC based switchers and provided a rock-solid switcher that provides the performance and longevity the city requires. This selection also provides the city with the option to upgrade to the Lightning automated production control system.

Tightrope was the selected vendor for broadcast automation as well as management of the city’s video bulletin board system.


A complete HD upgrade of King County's government channel.


Utter Associates has recently completed a HD upgrade for King County Television in Seattle, Wa.  This project presented multiple challenges typical to a broadcaster such as minimal downtime, scheduling around regular programming, logistics and access difficulties.  

Faced with an extremely compressed time-line, Utter Associates applied project management techniques that met every goal.  The upgrade moved King County TV from technology that was over 15 years old into modern file-based work-flows.  

Technology choices were driven by long-term manufacturer support, ease of use, and value.  Two production control rooms are nearly identical in order to provide redundancy and ease operator training. The project included a total replacement of all technical systems including:

  • HD Broadcast master control ingest and play-out with branding and CALM compliance
  • Multi-viewers with probing and automated alarms.
  • 3D Graphics systems
  • Council chambers AV automation - Touch-screen controls.
  • All new PTZ HD cameras and projection in studio and council chambers
  • Core video system - Routing, patching, networking, servers, ingest/play-out and processing.
  • Master control production room
  • Studio control production room

Big production capabilities and a small footprint were the challenges for Staging Techniques. Utter Associates designed the solution.


Staging Techniques, with offices in New York, Hollywood, Atlanta and Seattle, provides production technical services for the largest corporate and entertainment events.  The company has relied upon Utter Associates to design and build several mobile HD systems over the past decade.

The new 4k system consisted of an 8ME UHD switcher, 256x512 router, multi-viewer, all necessary conversion, distribution QC, and audio equipment - all in mobile packs that would fit on a standard passenger elevator.  This configuration gives Staging Techniques a competitive advantage by allowing the production system to fit venues that may not be accessible with a standard mobile truck.  This was accomplished without sacrificing any technical capabilities.

The density of the equipment required thoughtful design to address the issues of weight, cabling, connector panels, heat loads and power distribution.  The system was designed to allow “fly pack” modules to quickly connect to the main module on-site. 

The complete system provides 8 M/E’s that can be split between two production control rooms and multiple panels.  All I/O and the multi-viewer are connected through the router, allowing complete system flexibility while control functions are integrated between all major components allowing for ease of use and reduced setup time.

The project was completed on-time and on-budget with Utter Associates providing Design, Integration, Project Management, and training.