Utter Associates is a firm that excels in simplification of the complex - enabling creativity and innovation.  The expertise of our team, our project management philosophy, and our high regard for the experience of the end-user has resulted in the successful completion of numerous complex broadcast and AV projects over the past fifteen years.

Our core competencies:



Our experience as a consultant to an architect, or to an owner directly, affords us a deep understanding of the process required to connect disciplines, confirm designs and balance needs of a variety of stakeholders whose requirements vary greatly. We are an Allied Member of the American Institute of Architects and are comfortable with the classical phases of architectural services.   

Working with stakeholders, we identify project scale and scope, assist with budgeting, space planning, technical requirements, scheduling, and work-flow strategies. We offer options based on budgetary and operational requirements. We greatly value end-user feedback and believe projects are stronger when based around an inclusive design team.  Consulting services may include needs analysis, programming, and conceptual designs.

When the project scope is further refined we coordinate technology demonstrations and evaluations with multiple manufacturers to ensure best-of-breed solutions. As technology consultants and imaging experts, we are available to provide attention to all the little details that are crucial to the creative process.  

We interface with the project team including the architect, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, lighting designers, and acoustic engineers to coordinate project specifications and drawings.  We are experienced in delivering CSI MasterFormat specifications and project drawings.

In addition to Broadcast and AV engineering, design experience includes work-flow planning, space planning, furniture/casework, electrical, acoustic and lighting expertise. 

Designs can be delivered as AutoCAD line drawings, conceptual drawings, architectural drawings, and wire run-list packages. Design documentation is necessary not only for construction and integration, but should serve the long term maintenance and upgrade needs of the facility.

Clients are encouraged to review the design so refinements can be made in this interactive process. During this entire phase we will partner with you and explain complex technical concepts in a way that can be easily and quickly understood by your project and management team.

We act as the owner's representative ensuring the owners interests are at the heart of every decision that is made and that design intent and objectives are being met.  We interface with the construction trades to confirm quality, provide acceptance testing, and coordinate resolution of issues.

Our management approach is based on leadership.  Project management organizes all disciplines involved in a project to ensure an efficient use of time and fully coordinated construction.  Project dependencies are identified and schedules are created to provided strategic planning.  Project management anticipates challenges and has solutions ready to protect the project.  

Larger projects see our PM attending regular construction meetings, coordinating with trades, and updating the schedule and Project Plan. Utter Associates is available for complete project management or a la carte services.


As our clients will tell you, our integrators are the best in the business. Installation options are dictated with long-term ease of maintenance and future upgrades in mind. The attention to detail and quality are unmatched.  Our installers come with heaps of experience in a wide variety of broadcast, production and A/V projects and we carry many broadcast and A/V systems certifications.

Detailed testing, commissioning and coordinated training is provided after installation. Commissioning reports are generated detailing system test results.

We consider training to be a critical aspect of every project.  Thorough training provides confidence to users and the ability to utilize the facilities to the highest potential. Large projects include a detailed engineering and operations manual that can be used as a training reference guide.

After your project is complete, we will continue to work with you to service your system and maintain peak performance.  Support is available on an hourly basis or with a service contract and SLA agreement.

Support is available for both technical issues and operator training and comfort. Engineering assistance and planning is available for large production projects.