Utter Associates finished a complete technical re-design and re-build for post-production and color sweetening company Lightpress in Seattle, WA.


The Lightpress facility now consists of telecine, DaVinci 2k, Davinci Resolve, Avid Nitris DS, Final Cut Pro, and Quantel iQ Pablo suites tied to a central machine room.  The process also involved managing a physical remodel of the space including a high-end screening room with calibrated projection and calibrated multi-channel sound.

Erik Utter and Associates provided turn-key integration of the project from consulting through commissioning.  Each piece of equipment and every wire in the existing facility was removed to make way for the physical and technical infrastructure improvements.  A key element of the improvements included the ability to use any edit/color/effects system in any physical space allowing for improved efficiency and collaboration.  Suites range from small through large and include a screening room that is typically utilized as a Qunatel iQ Pablo suite.  Core video, IT, video/film optimized SAN and KVM routing was upgraded to allow for signal, file, and suite distribution