KIFI News group in Idaho Falls, Idaho has been upgraded with all-new master control, news editing, and production servers.


The facility consists of six channels in a Joint Operating Agreement with News-Press & Gazette and Fisher Communications. Services include ABC, CBS, FOX, Telemundo, CW and MyTV network affiliations plus a 24hr news channel.

The core of the new master control system is based on Harris ADC automation, Motion automated workflows, mCapture transport stream recorders for satellite feeds, Nexio servers, Elemental technologies encoders/transcoders, and Miranda routing, branding and monitoring.

All channels are produced in HD for cable and satellite carriage. Elemental technologies servers transcode some of the services to SD for ATSC transmission with is muxed through a RGB networks BNP.

A Fox network affiliation was added that required automated time-shifting for MyTV network programming. Time-shifting also occurs on the ABC and CBS affiliations to allow for extended local news programming.

Additional master control upgrades include automated monitoring and alarming, branding, CALM compliance and proxy media prep.

The station has a strong focus on local news and produces back-to-back news programming branded for both the ABC and CBS affiliated channels. The new master control system allows for automated recording, segmenting and playback on a dedicated 24hr news channel. Upgraded news editing consists of Harris Velocity news editors, craft editors, and 20 seats of proxy editing. A Nexio SAN based server allows for proxy resolution access to all media in addition to full resolution files. Proxy editing can be completed in the field with automatic full-resolution conforms for on-air play-out. Proxy media can be viewed from any NPG property and full-resolution clips are automatically moved between facilities as needed allowing for simple shared access between news operations.

News-Press & Gazette selected Utter & Associates to provide key consulting, design and integration services for automated master control and news editing across the entire group of ten properties and over 40 channels over the course of a single year.